The Head of the Center for PPP Studies S. Maslova took part in the Forum NAIS-2016 within the 3d National Aviation Infrastructure Show

On February 10, 2016 the Head of the Center for PPP Studies Svetlana Maslova took part in the Forum NAIS-2016 within the 3d National Aviation Infrastructure Show.


The event was the main platform for a professional dialogue of senior management from airports, airlines, representatives of the business, science societies and investment solutions and aviation authorities. More than 1500 specialists of the industry from 60 airports and 40 airlines participated as the Forum delegates.


At the NAIS-2016 Forum 12 business events were held. They passed in format of plenary sessions, conferences, round tables and discussion sessions. One of the events, the Round Table “Attraction of financing in the sphere of the development of airports in Russia” related to the PPP development in the airport sphere. Particularly, there were discussed such questions as project financing for the development of airports; the possibility and ways of attracting Russian and foreign investments; the possibility of and mechanisms for concessions and other forms of PPPs in the Russian airports; the potential and shortcomings of the PPP law in relation to airport infrastructure.

Svetlana Maslova presented to the audience of the Round Table her report “International PPP Standards in relation to Airports”. The issue of International PPP Standards, being developed by UNECE, is not only the most relevant theme of discussions of the world expert PPP society, but also is a subject of research of the Center for PPP Studies GSOM SPbU in cooperation with UNECE.


S. Maslova highlighted the key recommended moments, which are aimed to increase the interest of private partners to participate in PPP projects and to finance them, financial sustainability of projects, warranty of return on investment of private partner, as well as to provide balance between public and private investments in PPP projects in the airport sector.