Leadership traditions: Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office, Chairman of GSOM SPbU Advisory Board met with students


On 16th of June 2016 Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office, Chairman of Advisory Board  og Graduate School of Management St. Petersburg University Sergey Ivanov gave a speech in front of students, faculty and alumni of the first university in Russia.


Within the project "Leadership as a Lifestyle" one of the most influential political figures in Russia, who during his career path used to be Russian Security Council Secretary, Defense Minister, and the Deputy Chairman of  Russian Government, told about his career and about the qualities, which should have any successful leader.


"Leaders are not born, they can be raised. There are no secret formulas for this. I am just telling you about my personal experience and my view on what leadership as a way of life is", - said Sergei Ivanov. He noted several key skills of a good manager:  the ability to take responsibility, to select members of the team and set the right objectives - ambitious, but realistically achievable.


Concluding the event, Sergey said: "I am sure that this is not our last meeting. I will come again, when it is possible. I hope to see you or those who will come to replace you - and you at that time will already be real leaders. "






Традиции лидерства: руководитель Администрации Президента РФ Сергей Иванов встретился со студентами