GSOM SPbU Master programs graduation ceremony 2016

The Graduation Ceremony was held in full compliance with international graduate traditions. All graduates in academic gowns and Oxford caps appeared in the hall to the applause of the guests of the ceremony, corporate and academic partners, parents, teachers and school administration.


With parting words to the graduates in his video message referred the director of Graduate School of Management SPbU, President - Chairman of the Management Board of VTB Bank (PJSC) Andrey Kostin: "You have graduated from the best business school in Russia and one of the world's best programs in field of management. You will comprehend the science of managing processes and people through all your life, therefore your studies does not finish today. The whole world is open to you, but do not forget that your knowledge, your potential will be claimed in the homeland. " 

The graduates have also been welcomed by the Head of School Konstantin Krotov and GSOM SPbU professors and graduates. 


Congratulations to the graduates have been contacted by the GSOM SPbU corporate partners:


  • Natalia Sherbakova, Partner, Head of Tax Practice, PricewaterhouseCoopers

  • Ruslan Belyaev, Director, St. Petersburg Branch Manager, Member of the Board, AO Citibank


And the GSOM SPbU graduates:


  • Anton Kosatch, 2005 specialist program graduate, The Boston Consulting Group Principal
  • ElenaTrofimova, MIB 2011 graduate, Head of Capital Markets and Investor Relations, LSR Group



We wish good luck and career achievements 

to all the graduates!


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GSOM SPbU Master programs graduation ceremony 2016