Welcome events for the new members of the GSOM SPbU business-family, 31 August to 1 September

August, 31– Bachelor day (welcome meeting for the first-year bachelor students)


On 31 of August 26, 2016 the celebration for the SPbU first-year bachelor students will be held. For the GSOM SPbU students the celebration will start earlier this day.


Bachelor day agenda:



9:30 – The ceremony of dedication in students of those enrolled at GSOM Bachelor program in the Assembly Hall of the Twelve Colleges building

11:00 – Celebration on Sakharov Square

20:00 –"Ships of hope" on the Neva River (Arrow of Basil Island)


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September, 1 – Master Day


On 1st of September students, enrolled at the GSOM SPbU master programs, will gather at GSOM SPbU downtown campus (Volkhovskiy, 3).


Master day agenda:


9:30 – Opening remarks

10:00 – Guest lecture: Kirill G. Korniliev, Vice-President for Sales IBM Corporation

Topic: "IT today. From automating the world to understanding the world"


11:30 –  Guest lecture: Stefan Van Doorslaer – General Director, Ahlers CIS & The Baltic States

Topic “Innovative leadership”


12:45 – Guest lecture: Anatoli A. Karlovsky, Partner, "AO PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit", Head of Financial and Audit Committee.

Topic "CEO survey”


14:15 – Closure of the event, Important details



Participants should search for more info in their mailbox