The first is not the one who is ahead but the one who is leading: expertise of St. Petersburg State University in the field of business education is transferred to business schools all around the world


Head of Graduate School of Management SPbU Konstantin V. Krotov became a member of the European Foundation for Management Development Committee – the founder of one of the three most prestigious marks of business education quality – EQUIS institutional accreditation. In November 2016, Head of the Institute «Graduate School of Management» St. Petersburg State University along with other experts will decide on the conformity of accredited schools to higher EQUIS standards.


Expertise in the field of business education of St. Petersburg State University


In 2015, according to the results of the meeting of the Accreditation Committee EQUIS for Management Development GSOM SPbU again confirmed the high quality standards of education and has been re-accredited for the next three years. Business School of St. Petersburg State University is the first and so far the only one in Russia and the CIS counties that was honored with the prestigious international accreditation of the EQUIS. Confirming the high status, Graduate School of Management St. Petersburg State University, represented by the Head of School Konstantin Krotov shares its experience with business schools around the world as a member of the EQUIS Committee.


EQUIS Accreditation Committee is composed of representatives of relevant high-level organizations, which are interested in the improvement of education in the field of management, and meets three times a year in Brussels. Its main function is not just in the initial selection of candidates for the honorable accreditation, but also in the design of plans for the development of these schools, as well as the business-education in general.


The new status of Head of Graduate School of Management of SPbU proves the willing of the University to meet high levels in all areas of activity and the desire not rest on its laurels.