GSOM master students presented their business projects within the course «Doing Business in Russia»

On Friday, September 23 first year master students presented business projects as a final part of the course «Doing Business in Russia».


This course was the first part of educational process in GSOM SPbU for forty foreign masters from Europe, India and Latin America coming for a semester on exchange from leading business schools.  With support of mentors the students got a job to study the peculiarities of the Russian market in a short time, and to develop and economically justify their business ideas.


Projects focused on the creation of multi-sided platforms - the development of sites and applications allowing: to search and book the free location for practicing group sports; communicate with potential «caregivers» for pets; subscribe to children's goods; buy unused tickets privately. In addition, the projects was devoted to the creation of stores: clothing for men, representing the whole look, herbal shop, shop of natural cosmetics; as well as the opening of the consultancy for companies wishing to export their products abroad.


Students defended their ideas before the commission with participation practitioners and business graduates GSOM SPbU.




Учебный модуль для магистров ВШМ СПбГУ «Doing Business in Russia» завершился защитой бизнес-проектов