I study management in Russia: more than 90 foreign students started semester at the GSOM SPbU

Each semester dozens of students come from foreign partner universities at Saint Petersburg State University to the «Management» program.


On the 24th of August, an official meeting of foreign students at GSOM SPbU took place. Welcome words were spoken by representatives of the Directorate of undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as representatives of the Buddy team and Student Council. All foreign students were given souvenirs with symbols of GSOM SPbU. This day was the beginning of the «Introduction Week» for our guests: St. Petersburg State University teams of volunteers showed them the main places of interest of St. Petersburg and its suburbs, and introduce the structure and history of the University. Students participated in various cultural events, attending a hockey game, an amusement park, etc. 

The «University Fair» became the official end of the «Introduction week» on the 2nd of September. The idea of this event was offered by GSOM SPbU master students. They told about a similar experience during his internship and noted how much easier it was to plunge into the culture of the school after the «University Fair».


As a result, at the «University Fair» about thirty students from different countries presented twelve partner schools. More than fifty first-year masters and some bachelors who came from suburban campus «Mikhailovskaya Dacha» interacted with the foreign colleagues for two hours, asking a variety of questions.


The feedback that was received from the participants showed that the first «University Fair» was successful.


GSOM SPbU students have the opportunity to spend a semester on exchange in one of 70 partner business schools such as London School of Economics, Stockholm School of Economics, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Graduate Business School of Paris, School of Business of the Sydney University and others.


Fall 2016 is record for the Graduate School of Management SPbU: on the 5th of September 95 foreign bachelors and masters started their school year at GSOM SPbU. In addition to enrollment for a semester on exchange a large number of students from European countries, including traditional leaders Germany and France, increased number of students from India, as well as the Graduate School of Management SPbU for the first time opened its doors to students from Japan, Chile and Singapore. Notable is the fact that the Graduate School of Management SPbU has a growing interest of students from university who are not partners of St. Petersburg State University, and a few foreign students chose semester on exchange in the Graduate School of Management SPbU as freemovers1 for a fee.


[1] Freemover is a student studying abroad independently in a self-chosen educational institution, regardless whether alma mater is a partner with this educational institution or nor. 






I study management in Russia: более 90 иностранных студентов начали семестр в ВШМ СПбГУ