International consulting company Bain & Company held a workshop for students of GSOM SPbU

On September 29, the workshop of Bain & Company collected more than 170 bachelors and masters of GSOM SPbU and students of other St. Petersburg universities.


Participants of workshop had a unique opportunity to meet with the Head of the Moscow office of Bain & Company Yuri Gladkov and find out about the company's products and a specific approach to solving business cases.


Students analyzed business cases from company practice with guide of speaker, and got information about summer internship.


Anna Zheludkovich, HR Representative of Bain & Company, shared her impressions about the workshop:


We impressed by good organization and an active audience. The students asked many questions about the company, and it was clear that the case was interesting to them. We wish students to prepare for the case interviews and come to work or for internship at Bain & Company!


In addition, we are very pleased to launch an internship program in Bain & Company. We offer students to immerse in the work of the consultants on the same level with the professional consultants. The practice can help students to understand whether they have a vocation to work in consulting. Furthermore, they will have the opportunity to work on a real project for a high-profile customer, and explore new industry. For its part, the students  can  bring a new fresh look at the case on which they will work, as well interns will be able to understand what skills they need to develop during their education to be successful in the future work as the consultants.


Bain & Company is an international consulting company (part of the Big Three consulting companies with McKinsey & Company and the Boston Consulting Group), which specializes in strategic consulting. It was founded in 1973 in the United States, it has 54 offices in 34 countries with more than 5,700 consultants.





Компания Bain & Company провела мастер-класс по решению кейсов для студентов ВШМ СПбГУ