The international research conference "GSOM Emerging Markets Conference -2016" was held last week at GSOM SPbU

On October 6-8, 2016, the 3rd international research conference "GSOM Emerging Markets Conference-2016" was held at the new campus “Mikhailovskaya Dacha” of GSOM SPbU. During the conference more than 180 reports of specialists from Russia, Europe, South America, Mexico, India, Hong Kong and South Korea were presented.


GSOM SPbU Head of School Konstantin Krotov said welcome speech to the participants, speakers and guests at the beginning of the plenary session of the conference.


"GSOM Emerging markets Conference - 2016" is one of the most important scientific events of GSOM SPbU. The conference was held the third time and became a platform for discussion on a wide variety of research fields in emerging markets.


This year the conference included more than 15 tracks devoted to different topics from entrepreneurship in emerging markets to innovations in health care. Participants had a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the experience of the keynote speakers: Professor Alistair Anderson (UK), Professor Igor Filatotchev (UK), Professor Alexander Bukhvalov (Russia). Doctoral students and young scientists had two days intensive training in the framework of the Doctoral Colloquium chaired by Professor Galina Shirokova (Russia) and Professor Emmanuella Plakoyiannaki (UK).


Every year the conference attracts more guests, and has already become a traditional and important scientific event for GSOM SPbU.


Alistair Anderson (UK)


"Thank you very much for the excellent organization of the event. I really enjoyed the program, and I am impressed by specialists, who are not just professionals, but also scientists with bright eyes, who are really devoted and inspired by their work! I would also like to distinguish the wonderful, modern equipped and very comfortable campus "Mikhailovskaya Dacha". Thanks a lot!”



José Vargas-Hernández (Mexico)


“I am very glad to attend this relevant academic event. I am very grateful to the organizers for their support to attend and present my paper. I gave problems in getting my visa to enter your country  at the point of almost giving up, but it was very worth to make a lot of efforts and to attend. Very well  organized event, and the friendship is unique”.






Завершилась международная научная конференция «Развивающиеся рынки-2016»