First-hand experience: the Day of company PJSC "NC" Rosneft" was held in GSOM SPbU

On October 8, 2016 the annual Day of PJSC "NC" Rosneft" Company was held in the Institute "Graduate School of Management" of St. Petersburg State University


The company has prepared a number of activities for students of St. Petersburg State University. Among the participants there were students of the Institute "Graduate School of Management» St. Petersburg State University, students of Institute of Earth Sciences, and Institute of Chemistry (invited for the first time), and also the students of the Mining University, Higher School of Economics, and others. Open lecture of Aleksandr M. Kuznetsov (Deputy Head of Technical Regulation and Technical Control Department of Corporate Research and Development Complex PJSC "NC" Rosneft") was attended by over 90 students. Alexander Kuznetsov told the students about the prospects of the leading Russia’s oil company, about new projects, research and innovation activities and extensive social programs.


This year, the format of the event was extended by presentations of subsidiaries of PJSC "NC" Rosneft ", which caused great interest of students. Representatives of the departments of personnel of the subsidiaries offered the participants to apply for internship and job. About 45 students (10 teams) were able to manage their own virtual oil companies in the framework of the interactive business game "Vertically Integrated Oil Company”.



The winners:


Alexander A. Belov, GSOM SPbU

Captain, Production Manager, Finance


Ivan Klishko, GSOM SPbU

Analyst, Sales Specialist, Marketing


Elena Kovaleva, GSOM SPbU

Analyst, Marketing


Insaf Hisamutdinov, Economic Faculty of St. Petersburg State University

Production Manager, Auctioneer


All participants received certificates and presents from the Company PJSC "NC" Rosneft”.





Alexander Belov, 2nd year Master student of GSOM SPbU

(1st place in the business game “VIOC”)


"We took part in a business game “VIOC” of company “Rosneft”. For me it was the third time I participated, and it was the second victory. How can you recognize the person from the Graduate School of Management? If you ask them what would they choose: to sleep on Saturday or to spend 6 hours in a strong tension, taking management decisions, reaching a goal in company with energetic, resourceful and ambitious people, they will answer that they have already applied. Participating for the third time, it's nice to see that the game is constantly developing, new scenarios are included, and game become more complex. Conclusion: everyone must participate".



Maria Gorbunova, 1st year Master student GSOM SPbU

(3rd place in the business game “VIOC”)


"I participated in business game “VIOC” of company “Rosneft”. It was exciting and informative. My main conclusions are: during the auction you need to have a cold mind, and do not act on emotions, be attentive to detail (millions and billion are still different values), but also you need to listen to the team and competitors: be friendly, and try not to destroy the Oil Market by mistake".






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