Logistics experts met at GSOM SPbU at business breakfast

October 4, 2016 ANCOR holding in conjunction with the St. Petersburg International Business Association held the third logistics business breakfast at the Graduated School of Management of SPbU.


The theme of business breakfast was "Future of Logistics", and it was attended by over 60 participants, representatives of logistic companies. The purpose of the event was to gather professionals in the field of logistics and supply chain management to discuss topical issues. This year, heads of logistics, production, procurement of leading Russian and international companies in St. Petersburg (Baltika Brewery, Hyundai, DHL, Ahlers logistics, Ford, Henkel, Fazer and others) discussed prospects of changing the logistics in the future and how it would affect different sectors of the market.


In the first part of business breakfast there were presentations of the key speakers, and in the second part participants discussed specific cases in groups. In a break everyone had a chance to contact with colleagues in informal atmosphere.


Konstantin Krotov (First Deputy Director of the Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg State University), Vladimir Chtetsov (Chief Operating logistics and customer service, “Baltika Brewery”) and Nikolai Shoshkov, (Head of Production Management Department, “Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus”) showed their presentations to participants of business breakfast.







Konstantin V. Krotov

Associate Professor of Operations Management Department GSOM SPbU, First Deputy Director of GSOM SPbU shared his expressions


“My presentation focused on trends of changing the logistics in the future. Technologies are developing very rapidly, and if two years ago, we held a similar seminar, and 3D printers in the production, unmanned drones, augmented reality for work in the warehouses seemed to us as a distant dream, but today there are many examples of using these technologies an industrial scale. All these and other technologies are radically changing approach to logistics and, as a result, to the economy of the whole regions. For now, many companies are actively moved production from the countries of Southeast Asia to Western Europe and North America, because of the fact, that robotics, 3D printers make the production process to be not so labor-intensive, and the proximity to the sales markets and efficiency of production allow reducing inventory, save on transportation and adapt production to the requirements of consumers. The difference between the present and the future disappears. Therefore, for operating of St. Petersburg companies, it is important to know and understand the global trends, it is important to escape from the routine and see modern logistics world from a drone’s eye view”, as we joked during the event.







Additional information

GSOM is a member of several international associations, including the St. Petersburg International Business Association (SPIBA). SPIBA  is an independent non-profit organization that brings together foreign and Russian companies, who share and support the mission and principles of its activities.





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