“The Antecedents of Students’ Entrepreneurial Activity”: collective monograph of GSOM SPbU researchers

The collective monograph under the academic editorship of Professor Galina V. Shirokova has been published.


The monograph presents the results of the research project “The Antecedents of Students’ Entrepreneurial Activity: an Institutional Approach: Institutional Approach” conducted with financial support from a Russian Science Foundation grant (project №14-18-01093) in 2014-2016. 


Among the authors of the monograph are the following members of the international research team of the project: Tatiana V. Beliaeva, Karina A. Bogatyreva, Dmitri M. Knatko, Anastasiia K. Laskovaia, Tatiana S. Manolova (USA), Michael H. Morris (USA), Oleksiy V. Osiyevskyy (USA), Tatyana V. Tsukanova, Galina V. Shirokova, Linda F. Edelman (USA).


The research team attempted to conduct a comprehensive overview of different aspects of students’ entrepreneurial activity including antecedents of entrepreneurial intentions, mechanism of transition from entrepreneurial intentions to real actions on starting business, role of University environment, family and personal characteristics in entrepreneurial activity. Particular attention is devoted to studying of the role of institutions, both formal and informal ones, in students’ entrepreneurial activity formation.



The book is intended for faculty and scholars in the field of entrepreneurship, studying different aspects of students’ entrepreneurial activity formation. The research results might also be useful for the state regulatory bodies representatives involved into formation of institutional entrepreneurship support environment at different levels. 



The book is available in GSOM SPbU library and in the Center for Entrepreneurship.