New arrivals are expected among students of CEMS MiM

On Friday, the second stage of selection for the program CEMS MiM in an interview format took place. Interviews were conducted with 51 persons – students of GSOM Master in Management program. In total, 30 students can participate in this program.



In each of the qualifying commissions were representatives of GSOM SPbU and corporate partners of School:

  • Svetlana Grayhe, head of recruitment department, the Moscow office of The Boston Consuting Group
  • Anton Kosach, director of The Boston Consuting Group, Moscow
  • Natalia Ostapenko, HR Business Partner, Delloite
  • Svetlana Razumova, recruitment consultant in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, the Microsoft
  • Svetlana Abakumova, Audit Department Manager, PwC's
  • Anastasia Vedyasheva, Senior Consultant, PwC's



In order to become a student of the program CEMS MiM, participants must apply within the first semester of study in Master in Management program of GSOM SPbU,  be fluent in two foreign languages ​​(English at an advanced level and a second foreign language at a level not lower than A2), as well as demonstrate during an interview:


  • high academic standards and professional skills;
  • ability to work effectively in a fast paced environment;
  • understanding and acceptance of different cultures, values ​​and styles of behavior;
  • willingness to take responsibility.



CEMS Master's program is a global alliance in the field of education management, combining leading business schools and the largest companies worldwide. CEMS alliance includes 30 best universities and business schools in the world, 72 corporate partners and 5 non-profit organizations, offering each student the program with perfect combination of the best academic education and professional experience.


Next week The Stockholm School of Economics will host the 28th Annual Meeting of the Global Alliance in Management Education at CEMS - CEMS Annual Events 2016. In 2015, the Annual Meeting of CEMS Annual Events took place in the Graduate School of Management, more than 1,800 guests - graduates, relatives , deans and professors of the programы gathered in St. Petersburg within the framework of the event. By tradition, the Annual General Meeting ended with a solemn graduation ceremony of master's program CEMS MIM all schools-members of the alliance. The ceremony took place at the new Mariinsky Theatre and was accompanied by an online broadcast.




В рядах студентов CEMS MiM ожидается пополнение