Talent Management in Emerging Market Firms: the success of the book by Marina Latukha in numbers


In December 2016 Palgrave Macmillan presented Book Performance Report indicating that the book Talent Management in Emerging Market Firms: Global Strategy and Local Challenges by Marina Latukha exceeded 1530 chapter downloads during three months (August-October) since it has been released. Congratulations to the author!

Investigating talent management in firms from emerging economies, this book discusses strategies and practices of managing talented employees in the context of BRIC countries. Talent Management in Emerging Market Firms illustrates how emerging multinationals use their talent management to create and extend competitive advantage in global markets, and how they support their competition with talent as their main asset. Extending the talent management perspective, the book compares companies from Brazil, Russia, India and China to provide the link between talent management practices, a firm’s performance and organizational competitiveness within the context of emerging economies.


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