Transfer of experience from oldest to youngest: GSOM SPbU students held open lessons for high school students

GSOM SPbU bachelor students held public lectures for school children of St. Petersburg schools on November and December, 2016.





Lessons took place in №388 and №240 schools of St. Petersburg and in №413 school of Strelna. Topics of lessons were “Information Technologies in Management”, “Money: from seashells to Bitcoin” and “Leadership as a tool for effective management”. Bachelor students Katerina Baranova, Renat Karimov, Oleg Smirnov, Daria Emelyanenkova and Victoria Fotuyma were in role of teachers.


Students shared their knowledge and told about advantages of being a student of the best business school in Russia, and how they apply the theoretical knowledge gained in GSOM SPbU in practice. School children asked questions about the admission features in St. Petersburg State University and the Graduate School of Management.


Impressions of students



We spoke to the high school students about leadership. Some pupils were interested in the topic, but, of course, there were others who were not, and you have to be ready for it. Students enjoy interactive sessions, team’s activities, and especially when the best ones get gifts. Therefore, students who are going to conduct lessons in schools should keep in mind that topic for lecture should be interesting for pupils and organize more interaction between them and be prepared for the fact that school students are different.



Victoria Fotuyma, 2nd year bachelor student, the management program





От старшего к младшему: студенты ВШМ СПбГУ провели открытые уроки для учеников 10-11 классов