GSOM scholars received the Best Paper in Entrepreneurial Mindset award at USASBE 2017 Conference


The United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Conference (USASBE 2017) took place on January 19-22, 2017 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA).



Researchers from GSOM SPbU took part in the conference by presenting the paper Entrepreneurial Intention-Behavior Translation among University Students: do Institutions Matter?” (by Bogatyreva K. (GSOM SPbSU, Russia), Shirokova G. (GSOM SPbSU, Russia), Osiyevskyy O. (Northeastern University, USA)). On results of the conference the paper received the Best Paper in Entrepreneurial Mindset award.



We congratulate our colleagues with this excellent result, thank them for the productive work and wish them further success!



 Information on the paper: 

The paper is devoted to evaluation of the institutional environment impact on the readiness to shift from entrepreneurial intentions to actual start up behavior. As a grounding basis, a contextual nature of the link between intentions and actions in entrepreneurship has been suggested. The analysis was conducted using data from the Global University Entrepreneurial Spirit Students’ Survey. The sample covered 1434 students from 9 countries. The study revealed that property right protection institutions positively moderate the intention-behavior translation while financial market institutions hamper this process. The second result might be related to financial sector overregulation which complicates approval procedures for financing start-ups created by youth.