"New Energy of Leadership" for VTB Group


The second launch of the "New Energy of Leadership" program was launched at GSOM SPbU in February 2016. Heads of departments and services of the bank, heads of branches and subsidiary banks in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus, having managerial experience and at least one year of experience in the VTB Group, started their education.



Students of the program were trained on 8 educational modules, united by the themes of the corporate culture of VTB Bank:


  • Culture of the bank. Strategy
  • Culture of numbers. Financial management
  • Market culture. Marketing Management
  • Culture of involvement. Personnel Management
  • Culture of leadership. Corporate culture management
  • Culture of the team. Team Management
  • Culture of order. Project management
  • Culture of creativity. Management of innovation



The most important part of the program was preparation of the team final certification projects aimed at analyzing the identified problems in the development of corporate culture in the context of the company's strategic plans. The project's supervisors were representatives of the VTB company top management, and group of consultants and professors from GSOM SPbU controlled the development of the projects.


On March 14 and 15, 2017, in Moscow, the central office of VTB Bank hosted the final certification of the program. Gleb V. Ermakov, the senior vice-president of the bank, the Head of the Personnel Department of VTB Bank, was the chairman of the attestation commission. The commission included representatives of the Management Board of VTB Bank, and the first deputy director of the GSOM SPbU KonstantinV. Krotov, as well as professorss of the Graduate School of Management SPbU.


All students successfully defended the final projects. Among the best projects, the commission highlighted the following:


  • Challenges of the corporate lending market: adaptation of the CIB product and the Bank's culture.
  • Portal as an instrument of influence on corporate culture.
  • Encouraging the culture of innovation in the field of financial technologies (FINTECH) by creating a single innovation center for VTB Group.
  • Development of a culture of internal communications using innovative technologies.


In a solemn atmosphere, 66 graduates of the program received SPbU certificates of professional development.





«Новая энергия лидерства» для группы компаний ВТБ