Research project of S.V. Maslova is supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research

Research project "The conceptual analysis of the international legal framework of public-private partnership: key problems and perspectives of creation and application" led by Svetlana V. Maslova took part in the competition for R&D funding provided by Russian Foundation for Basic Research and received support. The project will be completed till December 31, 2017.




The main goals of the study are:
- to identify and solve the problem of creating and applying an international legal basis for PPP;
- the development of legal basis entails the need to comprehend and establish the relationship between the objectives of sustainable development and PPPs;
- formation of the list of international public-private and private-law relations within the framework of PPP, subject to international legal regulation;
- critical analysis of the concept of "hard" and "soft" law and determining the acceptability of its application to the regulation of relations in the field of PPPs;
- theoretical modeling of PPP regulation by international legal means;
- identification of the necessity and justification (if any) of convergence of legal regulation in PPP field etc.