SPbU students work at the projects for Start-up SPbU competition

The participants of the student business projects competition “Start-up SPbU” work at the projects of different areas, such as medicine, chemistry and ecology.





One of the team took part in the solution of an important medical task – the development of effective treatment of diffuse B-large cell lymphoma. Researchers are looking for a way to cure this cancer by using the natural mechanisms inherent in the human body.


Another project devoted to the creation of a Nano composite material based on zirconium dioxide. In the future, the development will help to create devices of a new generation: an oxygen sensor, a solid-state fuel cell and an oxygen special device that will be able to release pure oxygen from the air.


The main idea of the project of consulting agency “Zelenei!” is to provide consulting services in the field of greening of offices, production facilities, events and the production process as a whole. The future business program includes a number of steps: assessing the efficiency of resource use, developing recommendations for reducing the carbon footprint and water footprint of an enterprise, reducing utility costs (for example, by organizing separate waste collection, reducing water, electricity consumption, etc.), optimizing use of transport and so on.


The teams consist of students of different Department of the University including GSOM SPbU students Sergey Barichev, 3rd year Bachelor student, Ernest Glukhov, 3rd year Bachelor student, Pavel Lizogubov, 2nd year of Master student.


The final of the “Start-up SPbU” competition will be on May 25. Eleven teams will present their projects to the experts. Three winning projects will be awarded by 1 000 000 rubles for first place, for the second - 500 000 rubles and for the third - 200 000 rubles.