12th International Forum on Knowledge Assets Dynamics IFKAD 2017 "Knowledge Management in the 21st Century: Sustainability, Creativity and Cooperation" has come to an end

On June 7-9, 2017, 12th International Forum on Knowledge Assets Dynamics IFKAD 2017 devoted to the issues of Knowledge Management in the 21st Century was held in the The Twelve Collegia’s Assembly Hall and the GSOM SPbSU central campus with the support of the Russian Science Foundation. Specialists from 43 countries presented over 180 reports at the forum.



During the opening ceremony participants, speakers and guests were greeted by Sergey V. Apollov (the Vice-rector for Scientific Work of SPbSU), Giovanni Schiuma (the Founder of the Forum, professor of the University of Basilicata (Italy)) and Tatiana A. Gavrilova (Head of the Department of Information Technologies in Management in GSOM SPbSU, Head of the project "Innovations in Company Knowledge Management: Typology, Methodology and Recommendations (INNOVARRA)", Doctor of Technical Sciences).

The participants had a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the experience of key speakers: Igor Baranov (Corporate University of Sberbank, Russia), Professor James Guthrie (Macquarie University, Australia), Professor Elias Carayannis (George Washington University, USA), Kirill Korniliev (IBM, Russia) and Vladimir Leshchenko (Rosatom, Russia).

Forum participants discussed the issues of knowledge management dynamics in the following areas: intellectual capital management, knowledge management for sustainable development, models, methods of knowledge creation and management, trends in "big data" and information management.



Tatiana A. Gavrilova:

Holding IFKAD 2017 at the Graduate School of Management SPbSU marks a new stage in the School's development in terms of knowledge dissemination and provides a valuable platform for the discussion of knowledge management issues.




Giovanni Schiuma

This is a perfect location for the IFKAD’s community to gather and discuss a key question: What are the key aspects of knowledge management in the 21st century? What is the role of three fundamental managerial features and trends in knowledge management and organizational value creation? 
The mission of IFKAD is to develop research and scientific conversations, contribute to theory-building and managerial practice in the area of knowledge management, and emphasize the role of knowledge as the source of value creation in organizations. Our view is that all organizations primarily operate in the knowledge-related business, and that their future organizational sustainability and value creation competence depend on their capacity to manage knowledge.





Завершился XII Международный форум по динамике знаний IFKAD 2017 «Управление знаниями в XXI веке: устойчивость, творчество и сотрудничество»