At GSOM SPbU students discussed digital transformation and new forms of communication

The creative team of GSOM studio within the framework of the video project GSOM Talks realesed a new interview with the professor of Marketing Department of GSOM SPbU David I. Barkan "Who taught Russia about marketing?".



David I. Barkan was one of the first marketers in Russia. His first book “Marketing for everyone” was published in 1991. Professor Barkan is a mentor for the first generations of marketers and an expert in strategic marketing.


In an interview, David Barkan talked about the development and specifics of marketing in Russia, the personal career path, and what questions young people should ask themselves. A man who changed his career path at the age of 30s, in his interview not only explains how to deal with unloved work, but also answers intriguing questions, for example, why everyone should read the Turgenev’s book “Chor and Kalinych”.


Interviewer is Anzhelika Muryshkina, a first-year Master student.






Videos are available on the official GSOM studio channel on YouTube.



Who taught Russia about marketing? David Barkan about his professional path
David Barkan about modern marketers
David Barkan about Turgenev and iPhones or what is marketing?



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GSOM studio is a creative project of GSOM SPbU, launched in 2017. The team of GSOM Studio, consisting of students, staff and faculty of GSOM SPbU, is engaged in creating creative clips aimed at promoting the School, video and online courses, interviews, audio podcasts. Earlier in 2017, GSOM Studio released a video interview with GSOM's invited lecturer Ioannis Christodoulou, with the senior lecturer of the Department of Finance and Accounting at GSOM SPbU Stuart Lawson, as well as the viral video "How to get to Mikhailovskaya Dacha" for the spring Open Day of the Bachelor's and Master's programs.