Students of SPbU are more active than students of other St. Petersburg universities according to Changellenge’s data

Students of the Graduate School of Management SPbU annually participate in many well-known case studies and come to the School with new achievements.


Only last year GSOM SPbU teams "Lighthouse" and "Consulting Hawks" took the first and second place in the BCG Idea Challenge 2016 case; students of the School became the first in the McKinsey Business Diving 2016 championshipsBAT Russia Case Competition 2016 and RSM STAR Case Competition (Rotterdam School of Business).


Agency Changellenge >> has prepared an analysis on the participation of St. Petersburg students in the Changellenge case studies. According to analysts SPbU is a leader in the number of students participating in the Changellenge >> championships, most of them – about 93% of participants chose the business section of championship.


Participation in case studies, including Changellenge Cup, is an important source of practical skills and solving real business cases for students of GSOM SPbU. So, in 2017 the GSOM SPbU team won the Changellenge Cup SPb, and in 2016 the first year Master students' team won the English session of the Changellenge Cup Russia championship.


About company

Changellenge >>  is an agency that provides services to develop the employer brand among students with high potential. The company's main product is case studies, which allow partners to contribute to the development of business education and help students fill the gap between theory and practice. To do this, unique educational methods , for example, case study , are used.  

Changellenge >> agency provide more than 500 championships and educational events for 50 clients from among the best employers of the world. For ten years of Changellenge's existence >> more than 150 thousand people participated in such activities – gifted and motivated students and graduates of leading Russian universities.


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