Program "Management in Health Care" GSOM SPbU is one of five leading programs in the field of management and innovation in health care

The Global Educators Network for Health Innovation Education (GENiE) has issued its White Paper (Educating Leaders Who Can Accelerate Health Care Innovation: What You Should Do To Make It Happen, White Paper, July 2017) which will be presented at 5th Annual Conference of Association in Harvard business school in October 03-07. The White Paper presents world leading programs in Health Care Management and Innovations. In addition to the programs of leading American universities, the book presents three European programs, including diploma program for healthcare executives "Management in Health Care" of Graduate School of Management SPbU.




Regina E. Herzlinger is the Nancy R. McPherson Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School. She teaches three HBS MBA courses on Innovating in Health Care and founded and co-chairs a new HBS Executive Education program on Business Innovations in Global Health Care (BIG). She is one of the members of GENIE Group Steering Committee Members.


Her work was key to introducing consumer-driven health plans and “focused health factories”, such as centers for orthopedics, cardiology, or cancer care. She is regularly named as one of the smartest people in health care by industry journals. More details>>


The Global Educators Network for Health Innovation Education (GENiE) Group was created to make innovation a central part of the education of future leaders in health care. The GENiE Group represents diverse, global academic institutions, professional organizations, and health care consultancies dedicated to teaching innovation to future leaders in health care. More details>>



At the forthcoming conference "Educating the Global Health Innovator" participants will discuss such topics as: Innovation Education for Life Sciences, Innovative Content and Delivery of Health Innovation Education and others. In the white paper, you can find the range of opinions and the many perspectives offered by CEOs, independent consultants, leaders of professional organizations, and faculty members in degree programs. More details>>



Healthcare management is Executive Education program implemented within the framework of the Presidential Program. This program is aimed at personnel development  for social organizations.