Mikhailovskaya Dacha campus hosted GSOM Family Day 2017


A look into the future: business leaders discussed technologies of the future at GSOM SPbU

On September 16, GSOM SPbU hosted the secong global meeting of the GSOM SPbU community делового - GSOM Family Day 2017. Among the key speakers there are the Deputy President and Chairman of the Board of VTB Bank Olga Dergunova, the General Director of the Lenfilm Studios Eduard Pichugin, the Artistic Director of the Bolshoi Drama Theater n.a. G. Tovstonogov Andrey Moguchy, the Director of Public Relations of the North-Western Branch of PJSC "MegaFon" Kermen Mandjieva and others.



The event opened with "Tell your story" meetings, in which successful graduates of GSOM SPbU shared their experience of launching their own start-ups, told about the marketing of media projects, as well as about changes in their life and career.

Olga Alkanova, a graduate and senior lecturer, GSOM SPbU Marketing Department, told about the work with the Z-generation, noted that today in the educational process the main value is getting a unique experience - an "ungoogleable experience" - information that they cannot find in the Internet space.

Technology, people and money

The central event of the business program was plenary session "Technologies that change reality". Deputy Chairman and CEO of VTB Bank Olga Dergunova, co-founder and CEO of DOC+ and graduate of GSOM SPbU in 2008 Ruslan Zaydullin, president and owner of SC Galaxy Aliya Prokofieva came to a consensus: modern technologies, digitalization and artificial intelligence today are equally important both for the banking and transport industry, and for the development of medicine and the exploration of outer space. Answering the question about what impedes the development of technologies in Russia, the participants of the session noted that the shortage of qualified specialists, both technical and mixed, is a key constraint. In conclusion, moderator of the discussion, editorial director of commercial projects of the newspaper Vedomosti, Anfisa Voronina, learned from the participants what technologies are most expected personally for them. It turned out that the potential is diverse: the satisfaction of the social needs of man and the provision of assistance, the movement and life of people in space, the electronic identification of a citizen from the moment of his birth, the management of objects "the power of thought," and even the cultivation of artificial meat. 



Efficiency is the most important

Participants of the panel session "Creating Unique Competitive Advantages: How to Become a Leader in the Market, Basing on HR?" raised the issue of the place and role of HR in the company and came to the conclusion that human resources management should go one step ahead of business today.




Traditions vs. people: St. Petersburg at the sight of the urbanism

The panel session "St. Petersburg at the sight of the urbanism: the phenomenon of the third place and the new urban centers" was supported by the Alumni Association of St. Petersburg State University and the Calvert Forum. The participants managed to identify the factors that should be taken into account in the development of cities: the conservatism of citizens in relation to culture and art, the lack of balance in the distribution of socio-cultural activities between the central and distant areas, as well as the low level of interaction between citizens, developers and representatives of public authorities. When discussing the development of creative industries in St. Petersburg, it was suggested that an important role in this process is played by the renovation of industrial areas.


Principles of agile in everyday business life

Participants of the panel session with the support of The Boston Consulting Group, "Implementing the principles of agile in the daily life of business," noted that for the agile transformation of the company it is necessary to reduce the hierarchy levels and to increase freedom as the main condition for independent decision-making by subordinates. In addition, agile allows to get rid of unnecessary work, as well as pay special attention to important elements of the project. It involves discussing details with a large number of employees and taking their opinions into account when finalizing the solution.


Keep up with the development of digital

Representatives of companies that successfully use digital technologies discussed the possibilities of digital marketing on the panel session "Internet vs. reality: where digital marketing is relevant, and is it possible to be succeed using only it?" The panel was held with the support of PJSC "MegaFon". Participants noted that digital-based marketing on the basis of big data allows you to create the most customized content. At the same time, in the opinion of the majority of speakers, in the digital environment it is very difficult to keep the championship, as it is necessary to constantly invent something new. 



New financial technologies

During the panel session "How to make money with the help of new financial technologies?" speakers told about FinTech, the speakers agreed that this concept has existed for many years. It is associated with innovative technologies that allow you to optimize processes, thereby simplifying operations in the financial sphere. The issue of the regulation of financial technologies in Russia shared the views of speakers: on the one hand, it is necessary to stimulate the introduction of new technologies due to the implementation of the priority project "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation", and on the other - because of the low level of financial literacy of the population, excessive freedom in the use of such technologies can only to do much harm. In addition, participants in the panel session raised the issue of the risks associated with the legality of operations with crypto-currencies and ICO as an instrument for attracting financing, and concluded that the most important thing is a detailed study of the legal side of the project. 



Restaurant business in time of changes

The panel session "Urban entrepreneurs: restaurant business in time of changes". The participants of the discussion noted that competition in this area is increasing every year, therefore it is extremely important for restaurant business representatives to react as quickly as possible to changes, optimize business processes, reduce costs and seek new opportunities for the development of companies. 



Culture and business: ways of cooperation

As part of the panel session "Business in the eyes of culture" artistic director of the Bolshoi Drama Theater n. a. G.A. Tovstonogov Andrey Moguchy, the general director of the Lenfilm studio Eduard Pichugin and the adviser to the Director General of the State Hermitage Nikolas Ilyin agreed with the fact that the sphere of art needs professional managers. They consider that education of specialists even in profile universities does not take into account the skills and experience that are necessary for the management of cultural and art organizations.



The event ended with an unofficial evening program, the concert of jazz quartet. The guests were able to make new contacts and discuss the topics of the day's discussions in friendly atmosphere. 


The official partners of the event were The Boston Consulting Group, SAP CIS and PJSC MegaFon. The information partner of the event was the Publishing House "St. Petersburg Vedomosti".



For information:

In 2016 the first annual meeting of the business school community № 1 in Russia - GSOM Family Day 2016 was held, and it gathered more than 30 speakers and 450 participants. Organizers of the GSOM Family Day were students, teachers and staff of GSOM SPbU. The mission of GSOM Family is to contribute to the strengthening of horizontal links between the members of the business community of the business school and the involvement of community members in the GSOM SPbU development projects.





GSOM Family Day 2017