The Vienna summer school was successfully finished at GSOM SPbU

On Friday, 22th of September, International Summer University in cooperation with GSOM and Vienna University «Challenges in Leadership and Strategy: Managing People in Global Organizations» was successfully finished. 



During three intensive weeks students from GSOM and Vienna University were involved in the discussion about strategic organizational leadership, human resource management, trained their skills in managing people, and were learning and sharing the experience from managers from leading Russian and foreign companies invited as guest lecturers.


Moreover, students had a chance to take part in two companies’ visits - in Unilever’ tea factory and Biocad where they got in touch with technological processes, and met key managers who explained them how companies are creating their competitive advantages and doing business in Russia.


Comparing to last years, in 2017 students’ final group project was linked to a particular business task presented by Unilever. Specially organized joint GSOM-Unilever video conference helps to be involved in students’ presentations not only professors from both universities but also Unilever’s representatives from geographically-distant offices.