National report “Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. Russia 2016/2017” was presented at the Ministry of Economic Development


September 25, 2017 in the Ministry of Economic Development a presentation of the National Report National report “Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. Russia 2016/2017” was held. The report was presented by the State Secretary-Deputy Economic Development Minister Oleg Fomichev, Head of the project in Russia, Associate Professor of Department of Strategic and International Management GSOM SPbU, Olga R. Verkhovskaya and Assistant Professor, Department of Strategic and International Management, Dmitri Knatko.



Despite the low percentage of Russians planning to open their businesses in the next three years (2.1%), according to GEM, the overall entrepreneurial activity (the proportion of businessmen among people aged 18 to 64) reached a record for the country 11.3 %.


The state programs of support of small and medium business will be adjusted taking into account the results of GEM. (Based on the materials of the Russian newspaper).





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“Global Entrepreneurship Monitor” (GEM) is currently the world's largest research in entrepreneurial activity. In 2016 the survey involved more than 197,000 people in 65 countries. 75% of the population lives and more than 90% of the world GDP is obtained in the participating countries. In order to implement GEM methodology the multilevel stratified probability sample representing the Russian adult working population aged 18-64 with a total of 2020 respondents was used during the survey in Russia in 2016. During the last 10 years in Russia the project has been conducted by the research team of the Graduate School of Management of the St. Petersburg State University.