Professor Tatiana A. Gavrilova held a lecture at the Saint-Petersburg International Business Association (SPIBA)

November 21, 2017, at the event, organized by SPIBA Committee for Innovation and Intellectual Systems, Professor Tatiana A. Gavrilova (Department of Information Technologies in Management, St. Petersburg University), held a presentation on the topic: "Artificial Intelligence: Myths and Real Challenges". Graduate School of Management SPbU since 2000 is a member of SPIBA, an independent non-profit organization that unites foreign and Russian companies that share and support the mission and principles of its activities.


The lecture covered the most urgent problems in the field of artificial intelligence, which draw the attention of specialists and practitioners today in Russia and abroad. Professor Tatiana A. Gavrilova in her speech stressed the importance of the contribution of cognitive sciences to the coming reality. In addition, the main myths and speculations of amateurs in this sphere were uncovered. During the lecture, the speaker identified new opportunities for intellectual technologies that can really promote the growth and development of business, science and education.