Professor Vitally I. Cherenkov took part in FEFU II International Scientific and Practical Conference "Cross-border markets of goods and services: issues of research"


II International Scientific and Practical Conference "Cross-border markets of goods and services: issues of research " was held on November 1-2, 2017 at the Far Eastern Federal University (Vladivostok, Russia). Professor Vitally I. Cherenkov presented a report on the theme "Conceptualization of international logistics: didactics and practice" as part of the track "Space and intercultural interaction in the markets of goods and services".


The report identified an insufficient level of conceptualization of international logistics and analyzed the results. Constructive criticism of the definition of international logistics and the dynamic process of crossing the state border by logistical flows allowed us to justify the expediency of applying the marketing approach. The analysis resulted in a number of conceptual definitions and logical-graphic models. The practical result of the study is the reduction of redundancy in work programs, the optimization of training courses in international logistics and the development of a training manual with a glossary of English equivalent terms.


Also Professor Vitally I. Cherenkov during the conference gave an interview in which he highlighted the main directions of GSOM SPbU educational and scientific activity, and also presented the training manual "Foundations of International Logistics", published in 2016 by St. Petersburg University.


At the request of Marketing Department, Commerce and Logistics, School of Economics and Management of Far Eastern Federal University, Professor Vitally I. Cherenkov gave several lectures on the disciplines "International Marketing" and "Management of Export Operations". In addition, master classes on work with case studies (authors - Igor V. Gladkikh and Vitally I. Cherenkov), as well as a methodical seminar on work with cases "The Method of Case Transplantation" were conducted. School of Economics and Management FEFU expressed interest in continuing cooperation with GSOM SPbU teachers and researchers on the development of case studies.