Irakli Kenjia, Deputy Commercial Director of TSUM, told students and guests of GSOM SPbU why luxury is an art

December 14, 2017, Irakli Kenjia, Deputy Commercial Director of the Central Department Store, delivered the lecture on the specifics of doing business in the fashion industry for GSOM Family. 



  The luxury department store TSUM is the only one in Russia that represents luxury brands. More than 25 world famous luxury brands are represented only in the TSUM in Russia.  

World trends in the world of fashion


  • "See now - buy now". Today consumers want to get the goods immediately. There is an opportunity to buy a fashion collection right after the show, consumers do not have to wait it in department stores. (Tommy Hilfinger and Burberry were the first in this practice)
  • 38% of luxury products consumers are millennials, who are striving for individuality, all luxury brands create special collections for them. Even such haute couture brand as Dior creates collections with denim and sneakers.
  • Lux is sold through the Internet. Today, 7% of all TSUM sales occur via the Internet, and this figure is growing. But buying luxury consumers get not only goods but a unique personal experience, which cannot be obtained via the Internet. Therefore, experts predict the growth of Internet trading no more than up to 30%.
  • The rapidly changing world demands a rapidly changing fashion. In a year today we have six collections instead of two (winter/summer).
  • Consider local features. So there is a tendency for gender ambivalence in collections. For a long time no one is surprised by the images of women in men's suits, but the fashion went even further. In hate couture men's collections in 2017, for example in the Gucci, there are lace and skirts. In Russia, the Gucci men's collection has failed, but it is really popular all over the world.


Describing business in Russia, Irakli Kenjia noted the following: TSUM has a large open shoe zone, which is a common phenomenon in Russia for middle segment shopping malls, but it is a new solution for the lux. 



To work in luxury Department Store is a vocation


For students it is always actual finding a job and building a future career is always topical. "The selection is vacancy is quite serious. You can be a tough analyst and consultant, but if you do not like haute couture, it will be difficult for you to succeed. You should be a bit addicted from fashion, "- Irakli answered the question. The candidate must speak in English, and preference is given to specialists with consulting experience. 


How will the development of technology, Big Data and artificial intelligence affect the luxury segment market? Already today, buyers rely on Big Data choosing collections for TSUM, but by 70% the choice of buyers is intuition - something that artificial intelligence does not have. And, despite the fact that artificial intelligence is a trend, and technologies optimize the work of buyers, replace a person, experience and intuition, that technologies do not have.






 ВШМ СПбГУ посетил Иракли Кенджия, заместитель коммерческого директора ЦУМа