Who is an Entrepreneur? Roman Loginov delivered a guest lecture on his entrepreneurial experience for CEMS students

February 27, 2018, guest lecture by Roman Loginov was held for CEMS students within the “Entrepreneurship” course. The lecture was devoted to understanding who is an entrepreneur and why become an entrepreneur.



Entrepreneurship course was developed by Galina V. Shirokova especially for the CEMS master program. In modern sense, entrepreneurship is not limited to venture creation. Entrepreneurship is a way of thinking, acting and decision-making that allows you to create new opportunities and change the surrounding reality for the better.



Guest lecture was held by Roman Loginov, CEO of #LONNA, founder of startup company Targo.food and Marketing consultant in Ingria business incubator. Roman studied International Business at the Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences in Finland, and now he lives and works in two cities - Helsinki and St. Petersburg.


Roman told students about his first business idea - a service for Russian customers in Finland. Despite the customers interest this project did not take place because founders lost their "passion" about it. They wanted do something interesting and promising. That is why Roman and his team entered into international marketing (that time large Scandinavian brands actively entered Russia) and created #LONNA, which operates in both Russia and Finland. Moreover, this is only one of their current projects/businesses. Roman no longer counts how many businesses he has. 




From Roman’s point of view, the key success ingredient is the team. If you are able to find the right people - good ideas will come and new business projects will appear. It is important not to be afraid of failures, because they form core entrepreneurial experience. When you constantly fail but rise repeatedly, eventually, you win.