Olga Sviblova and Alexey Malinovskiy discussed the interaction of culture and business at GSOM SPbU

"In life, the most important thing is good intuition for bad things" 

Olga Sviblova,
Founder and Director of the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow (MAMM)




February 27, 2018 in GSOM SPbU a public-talk with the participation of Olga Sviblova, the founder and director of the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow (MAMM) and Alexey Malinovskiy, Head of Mastercard in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Armenia was held. The meeting was moderated by Alexander Arkhipov, graduate of GSOM SPbU'09, Director of Corporate Philanthropy and Internal Communications, JTI Russia. 


The speakers discussed the interaction of culture and business. Aleksey Malinovskiy shared how the interaction between Mastercard and Multimedia Art Museum positively affects the reputation of both companies, helps to create quality communications with customers and give them invaluable moments of meeting with art.


Olga Sviblova also noted that the interaction and partnership between business and art are always viewed from two perspectives: mutual benefit and reputation. In addition, the Director of MAMM told about the skills that a manager should have to cope with tasks: understanding and immersion in the problem, common sense, and philanthropy.





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