How to Undertake a Structured Literature Review? Workshop by Maurizio Massaro

On June 15 Assistant Professor from Udine University (Italy) held a research workshop “How to Undertake a Structured Literature Review” at GSOM SPbU.


Literature review is a method used in Academia for developing new theories. There is a continuum of approaches to literature review, on the one end of which lies rapid review and on the other — SLR. 


SLR is an empirical study that analyses literature development within a field to answer specific research question. 


Unlike traditional literature review which can appear to be not comprehensive or balanced enough due to the researchers’ background or professional interests, SLR helps to overcome possible biases by well-established and structured procedure. It is a 10 steps procedure:


  • development of the protocol
  • defining research question
  • searching the literature
  • selecting the papers
  • defining the framework
  • checking reliability
  • checking validity
  • coding the data
  • insights
  • critique and transformative redefinition


During the workshop Maurizio Massaro has also shared some helpful insights on how to use technology in research. He provided examples of software that facilitates the process of completing reliable SLR and his personal experiences. He has also encouraged participants to use this valuable technique in their own research and to promote the results not only in the form of the published articles but at the conferences and in social media. At the end of the workshop Maurizio Massaro reinforced this appeal with his own example of promoting research results in the form of video on Youtube.


Here is the speaker’s presentation and the video recording of the workshop. 




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