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26 Jul 2018

Registration to join Aw’GSOM Buddy Team is opened

Every year foreign students come to GSOM SPbU on exchange program. They are from different countries: Italy, Canada, France, Australia, Norway, China, Germany, Japan and study at Universities which are GSOM International Academic Partners. To make foreigners feel welcome our School has Aw'GSOM Buddy Team.



GSOM SPbU students who have already participated in the program told that they became real friends with foreign students: “We meet them when they arrive to St. Petersburg, show them around, explain different things, help them during the semester and organize cool events”.     


The main thing is to help foreign students during first weeks as they start to accustom to new city, move into GSOM dormitory and try to figure out what SIM-card to buy. At this moment it is very important for foreigners to know that there are people who can help them deal with all this things.


Every GSOM SPbU student can join Aw'GSOM Buddy Team and make new friends, improve English and participate in international events. To take part in this program you should register and follow the instruction which will be sent to you later. Most students come to the city from August 20 to September 5, so there is not much time left to join Aw'GSOM Buddy Team.


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