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26 Nov 2019

The career and life of specialists in non-native countries were discussed at GSOM SPbU

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On November 21, 2019, a public talk on the topic “Experts in Business and Life” was held on "Mikhailovskaya Dacha" campus. The guests of the event were Bianca Moodley, HR Director of JTI Petro, and Chris Kopech, General Director of the JTI Petro Factory, Vice President of production in Russia. 


Speaking about the main motivation that expats face before moving to a new country, the speakers noted the importance of career prospects and interesting work tasks. Bianca Moodley noted that she was interested in working in developed countries as there are many opportunities for the development and implementation of qualitative changes in companies. The guests also spoke about the difficulties that were associated with life away from family and relatives, and that such a career may not be suitable for everyone.


Speakers separately emphasized the importance of exploring different cultures, willingness to change and learn new things.


fb @nadezhda.krylova.52