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02 Dec 2019

Seminar on Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering was held at GSOM SPbU

On November 28, Volkhovskiy pereulok, a research seminar on Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering: “An ontology editor based on category theory VIETE.IO” was held. Stanislav Kapulkin, NRU ITMO alumni, who has been studying category theory since 2012, analyzed at the seminar a description of the economic model with the integration of the necessary formulas and relationships, the transition from formulas to calculations on them, a description of the logistics and production chains. The moderator of the event was Tatiana A. Gavrilova, GSOM SPbU professor, Information Technologies in Management Department.

At the seminar, Stanislav Kapulkin spoke about the application of category theory for business modeling. Category theory is a graphic language invented by mathematicians. The language allows to describe both simple constructions and arbitrarily complex ones, therefore it can be used at different stages of the project. The language is implemented in the editor, at the seminar its capabilities for solving various business problems were demonstrated.