16 Jan 2020

The RFBR has supported two projects of GSOM SPbU professors

The Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) has supported two GSOM SPbU professors’ projects. They are Prof. Tatiana A. Gavrilova and Prof. Elena K. Zavyalova.


Tatiana Gavrilova got support for the project "Development of the knowledge bases from empirical research datasets: ontological approach (EMPIRION)". Data is an important source of knowledge and the amount of data increases every year. To solve the problem, a new ontology-based methodology for the formation of knowledge bases for empirical research data (DEI) will be created. For this, a unique ontology system for empirical research data (ONTO-DEI) description will be developed together with methods and algorithms for its enrichment and population.


Elena Zavyalova presented her project on the topic "Psychological resources of professional self-realization and social success of adults within the concept of lifelong education". Its goal is to identify psychological resources conducive to the professional realization and social success of people receiving additional education in the field of management. The results of the project will form the methodological basis of a new scientific direction: the economic psychology of adult education. This area will combine psychological and economic knowledge to analyze the behavior of people in a changing environment and the scientific substantiation of the concept of lifelong education.