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03 Jun 2019

Research workshop by Natalia Nikolchenko

On May 24, GSOM SPbU 3rd year doctoral student Natalia Nikolchenko has presented the results of her research within the framework of her doctoral thesis on the topic: “Improvement of supply chain performance through collaboration and coordination”. The work was conducted by candidate of Science (Applied Mathematics), Associate Professor, Nikolay A. Zenkevich, Moderated the seminar Doctor of Science (Economics), Professor Galina V. Shirokova.


The study investigates conceptual model of the influence of collaboration on supply chain performance in distribution networks. The supply chain performance was evaluated through operational and firm performance indicators. Operational performance indicators include on-time delivery, offering flexibility, return of inventory, logistic costs.

Firm performance indicators are customer satisfaction, ROI, satisfaction from collaboration, market share growth, and sales growth. Based on empirical data of distribution network the structural equation model was developed. The variables of the model are follows: collaborative activities, collaborative advantage, operational performance and firm performance. The results of the modelling demonstrate that collaborative activities implementation improves operational performance, and firm performance can be improved through collaborative advantage and operational performance.

Natalia Nikolchenko is a GSOM SPbU 3rd year PhD student. Her research interests lie in the field of supply chain management, collaboration in and coordination in supply chains, as well as coordinating contracts.