Information Technologies in Management Department representatives took part in CPS&C’2019

On June 10-12, International Conference Cyber-Physical Systems and Control (CPS&C'2019) took place in St. Petersburg. Head of Information Technologies in Management Department Tatiana A. Gavrilova and Associate professor Dmitry V. Kudryavtsev participated in it.  

исследования, ВШМ СПбГУ


During the conference the basics, technologies and applications of cyber-physical systems were discussed.Cyber-Physical Systems are a new generation of control systems and techniques which help promote prospective interdisciplinary research. A wide range of theories and methodologies are being investigated and developed in this area to tackle complex and challenging problems. Therefore, CPS can be considered as a scientific and engineering discipline that is set to make impact on future industrial and societal-scale systems.

GSOM SPbU representatives made a presentation “An overview of practical ontology implementation in decision support systems".

CPS&C'2019 aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from all over the world and to reveal cross-cutting fundamental scientific and engineering principles that underpin the integration of cyber and physical elements across all application fields. 


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