03 Jul 2019

XIII International Conference “Game Theory and Management” took place at GSOM SPbU

On June 3, the International Meeting on Game Theory was opened at GSOM SPbU downtown campus. This year the event brings together the XII International Seminar of the Dynamic Games Community and the XIII Conference “Game Theory and Management”. Until June 5, researchers from around the world will discuss the results of theoretical and applied research of games and their application in various fields of management.

Head of GSOM SPbU Konstantin Krotov welcomed the participants and said that "Game Theory and Management" conference is one of the most successful at St. Petersburg University. “I would like to thank the colleagues and the team of the organizers of this conference for doing this and doing it in the right order. Order is very important. This is not mathematics, we can change it and still get the correct result. In management, we call it the resource approach. We may have few resources and, if not properly organized, they will be lost. Professor Zenkevich and Professor Petrosyan organized one of the most successful conferences at St. Petersburg University, with very modest resources. Thank you for keeping the right order of things and making this event even better every year,” said Konstantin Krotov.

Professor of St. Petersburg University Leon Petrosyan explained that one of the main distinguishing features of this conference is that it unites researchers of dynamic and classical game theories, therefore, it is supported by the International Society of Game Theory and the International Society of Dynamic Games.

Nikolai Zenkevich, Associate Professor of Operations Management, in his welcoming speech, told the participants about the organizational aspects of the conference. In just three days, five plenary sessions and six parallel sessions are planned.

The first plenary session was devoted to Game-Theoretic Models of Partnership Formation. Professor David Ramzi from the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology spoke about it. Among the plenary speakers are Xiaotie Deng from Beijing University, Ehud Lehrer from Tel-Aviv University, Vladimir Mazalov from Karelskii Research Center RAS, and Nina Subbotina from Krasovsky Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics RAS.

The conference "Game Theory and Management" has been held at GSOM SPbU since 2007. This is the only annual international conference on game theory and their applications in management in Russia. The main purpose of the conference is the exchange and dissemination of knowledge in the field of game theory and its application in various areas of management.

Game Theory and Management 2019