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08 Jul 2019

GSOM SPbU launched an online course on Creative Thinking in Business

From July 1, online course “Creative Thinking in Business” by GSOM SPbU is now available. Prior to that, only students of the Executive MBA program had an opportunity to take this course. The program was developed by Doctor of Psychology Oksana Pikuleva, the lecturer of MBA and Executive MBA programs.



According to Oksana Pikuleva, she has been studying creativity programs for two years before she found out which tools are most effective for managers who do not consider themselves as creative individuals and got enough information to build a course.

“The course teaches us to change the way we look at familiar things: to find something unusual in the ordinary things and something simple in the complexity. It does not just talk about how to be creative, but scientifically proves that you are able to develop your brain and creative thinking at any age,” explained the professor.

The course program consists of two blocks: the management of personal creativity and the management of team creativity. The first block examines neuroscience approaches to creativity, mental patterns and ways of thinking, models of non-standard thinking, techniques for the development of personal creativity and other topics. The second part deals with innovations in business, creation of a stimulating environment in teams, as well as the creative process in groups. It also covers four creative methodologies: TRIZ, Lateral thinking, Design thinking and CRAFT.

“We will look at creative thinking as a managed mental activity in order to develop non-standard solutions to complex business problems and get acquainted with a large number of special thinking algorithms and creative techniques,” explained Oksana Pikuleva.  

GSOM SPbU has been involved in the development of online education for a long time. Among other courses developed by the School are: “Tools of positive psychology in management. Course for managers” and “Management of people and teams”. All courses are held in Russian.