A seminar for the professors of the Languages for Academic and Business Communication Department was held at GSOM SPbU

From January 20 to January 23 a training program on Materials Development and Methodologies for Dynamic Communicative English Teaching was held at GSOM SPbU. NILE Senior Teacher and MA Program Leader, Jason Skeet, held a four-day course for professors based on the following key content areas: key principles in materials design, critical analysis of language teaching materials, developing new material. 



A separate item on the agenda of the seminar was the issue of supporting interest and developing conversational skills among students with an advanced level of knowledge.


“Most of GSOM SPbU students has already spoken English at a high level by the second year, but they are not yet ready for free business and academic communication. School trains international specialists who are ready to integrate into the cross-cultural and multilingual space, it is very important for us to help students cross the barrier of their own confidence in their knowledge. This is not an easy task that requires constant professional development. The seminar helped us find new approaches that will allow faculty to apply modern methods and ideas for students who are always worthy of the best”, — commented Elena V. Orlova, Head of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​in Management, initiator of the seminar.


 The seminar was attended by 18 professors of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​in the field of management, as well as a representative of a partner organization —  Head of the Corporate Language Training Department of Gazprom Corporate Institute Vadim V. Klimachev, Ph.D., associate professor of the department of enterprise management at Gazprom Group. The seminar program was developed by the Norwich Institute for Language Education ​​in cooperation with Macmillan Education Russia specifically for foreign language professors who teach students at GSOM SPbU.


The Norwich Institute for Language Education is a specialized institution for the education, training and counseling of teachers, trainers and other educational professionals worldwide. Norwich has trained more than 40,000 English teachers worldwide since 1995 and has developed training programs for clients from Austria, Brazil, China, Chile, India, Spain, Switzerland and other countries.




В ВШМ СПбГУ прошел семинар для преподавателей кафедры иностранных языков в сфере менеджмента

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