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13 Feb 2020

5G_Dream_Lab students visited MegaFon Global Network Operations Center

On February 10, 2020, 5G_Dream_Lab students visited MegaFon Global Network Operations Center (GNOC). The center's representatives showed the students how the network is monitored around the clock throughout Russia.   



In 2015, the Global Network Operations Center was established in St. Petersburg. This has helped to distribute the responsibilities of the Center between two cities — St. Petersburg and Samara. This solution has improved the reliability of the GNOC. In case of unforeseen external factors — such as natural disasters, force majeure and technological accidents — the transfer of control over all systems will take only 15 minutes. To monitor the situation and process more than 13,000,000 messages about network status and approx. 4,000 incidents per day, a 29-meter screen was established at the center. It shows hundreds of indicators, which allows specialists to monitor the status of the network every minute around the clock and throughout the country   

During the visit, students asked questions related to the work processes and new prospects for the development of the company's network, in particular the introduction of 5G. Employees of GNOC told that during the 2018 World Cup they carried several sites for live broadcasts so as not to leave the whole world without a live broadcast, and created special stations in remote parts of the country for those in army training. 

It was important for students to understand how the system works and what subtleties of its operation exist, in order to subsequently be able to use this knowledge in working on products based on 5G technologies. In June 2020, teams will present their MVP (minimum viable product) to experts.



Учащиеся лаборатории «5G_Dream_Lab» посетили Единый центр управления сетью МегаФон