25 Feb 2020

GSOM SPbU students and alumni passed to the Kearney Advantage 2020 case championship semifinal

Students and alumni of GSOM SPbU, passed the semifinal of the Kearney Advantage 2020 case championship.

The School was represented by three teams: "GSOM Flex", "Fathers and Sons" and the team of resent alimni "Know How". The “GSOM Flex” team includes MiM students Makar Belyaev, Kirill Ivanov, Valery Iodko and MUND student Timur Ramazanov. The "Fathers and Sons" team consists of Bachelors and Masters: Anna Provotorova, MiM program, Georgy Baskhaev, MCF program, Pavel Burdeyny, Financial Management, and Nikita Dreval, Marketing. The "Know How«» team includes alumni Nikita Neuchev, Peter Trofimov, Alexey Gavrish, Dmitry Filatov.

During the preparatory phase, the participants of the case championship developed solutions for a given case for a client from the energy field. At the current stage, students are finalizing their decisions to represent them in the office of the company. The semifinal will be held in Moscow on February 28-29, the final will be held on March 1.

KEARNEY implements large-scale projects for business transformation, digitalization, changing the operating model, improving the supply system and supply chain management, optimizing the maintenance and repair system and comprehensive cost reduction.