11 Mar 2020

The second stage of the coaching program for students and recent alumni starts at GSOM SPbU

On March 10, 2020, the second stage of the Career Counseling program Go for Coaching based on coaching tools starts at GSOM SPbU. The program was launched by the GSOM SPbU Coaching Center in the fall of 2019. In total, 27 senior students of Bachelor, Master programs and recent alumni took part in it.

The Go for Coaching program consists of two stages — Learning and Giving bask. At the Learning stage, the experts of the Coaching Center Director Maria Dorokhina and Academic Director Andrei L. Zamulin, selected 27 senior students and alumni who studied the basics of coaching, learned the basic tools and methods of career coaching. Upon completion of the theoretical part, participants in the program tried themselves as coaches and held individual sessions for students of the Leadership course, which is taught in the fourth year of Bachelor programs.

During the second stage — Giving bask — students will conduct coaching sessions with 1st and 2nd year Bachelor students. In order for “clients” to be ready to effectively interact with coaches, on March 10 they will take part in a seminar where Maria Dorokhina and Andrei L. Zamulin will introduce them to the method, help determine their strengths and form a request for working with coaches.

Feedback from a 4-year Bachelor student participation in the program:

“During our communication, we discussed a lot of topics that I have long wanted to discuss with someone. I was very pleased when the coach noticed my strengths and focused on them, thereby giving me even more confidence in what I am doing right. At the same time, she also pointed to some weak features and asked interesting questions, thereby forming the vector to eliminate or at least improve certain features. ”