29 Apr 2020

SIBUR published a lecture recording in collaboration with GSOM

In mid-April, the Graduate School of Management of St. Petersburg University (GSOM) and SIBUR launched a series of lectures in a number of areas related to the development of organizations, marketing strategies and business management practices using real-life examples of SIBUR group companies.


On April 15, the lecture series was opened by the Director of SIBUR Corporate University Natalya Yamshchikova, who spoke about the value of the team in SIBUR and the current practices of team formation and development. Watch the video >> (Available in Russian only)



On April 24, Stanislav Kasparov, Director of Providing Business Support in the Regions of Presence Department, SIBUR, told what role the social investment program plays in business strategies and shared his vision of the transformation of social investment programs and sustainable development in the future. Watch the video >> (Available in Russian only)


The third lecture on the topic “Sustainable development is the key to successful development of companies in the long term” was also held on April 24. The speakers at the webinar were Maxim Remchukov, Head of Sustainable Development, Alexei Popovtsev, Head of Digitalization of Legal Processes, and Raisa Momot, SIBUR Chief Expert. Experts spoke about the SIBUR sustainable development program and its main directions. Watch the video >> (Available in Russian only)