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18 May 2020

GSOM launches telegram bot for GSOM Family

Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg University (GSOM) launches the GSOMConnect project. This is a telegram bot designed specifically for networking and regular one-on-one dating GSOM Family communities — alumni, students, lecturers and employees of GSOM. The project has been implemented as part of the digitalization of the extracurricular activities of the School and will help to build horizontal ties between community members.


The idea is that once a week the telegram bot GSOMconnectBot  will offer a meeting with a person from the GSOM Family community. This may be the owner of the company, a representative of the corporate environment, a student or a GSOM employee. Interlocutors can share experiences, communicate and inspire each other. The bot randomly selects an interlocutor, but we are sure that the GSOM Family members will find something to talk about.


In mid-April, GSOM Alumni Relations Department together with the team of developers, assembled a focus group of 12 alumni and students. The study participants noted that the GSOMConnect project will be in demand among the participants of the School community and will receive a good response.


“It is important for us that our friendly community becomes even more useful for each of the participants. Several thousand people have graduated from GSOM who are building a business and pursuing a career in various fields, and we are sure that many of them have something to share with each other,” said Ksenia V. Kolesnikova, Deputy Head of Alumni Relations Department.


To use the telegram bot, you need to perform several actions.

1. Go to the telegram bot GSOMconnectBot and answer a few intro questions.

2. The bot will offer an interlocutor from GSOM Family members.

3. In the middle of the week, the bot will ask how you are doing and if you can’t agree on a meeting / call with your partner or if your plans change, you can skip the meeting or get another pair.

4. At the end of the week, the bot will ask how your meeting went.

5. Each week, the GSOMconnectBot will ask if you want to attend meetings this week.


The tool will help to strengthen ties between community members, promote socialization in the current situation and in the future, as well as add value to the community for its members.