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05 Jun 2020

GSOM SPbU professor is among the ten most cited authors in Russia in the field of “Informatics” and “Cybernetics”

Tatyana Gavrilova, Professor, Head of the Department of Information Technology in Management at the Graduate School of Management at St. Petersburg University (GSOM), has takls 7th place in the Russian Federation for the number of citations in the field of “Informatics” and “Cybernetics” according to the data of the electronic scientific library, eLibrary, on 4 June 2020.

In St. Petersburg, our researcher hast taken 1st place in the number of citations in the field of “Informatics” and 3rd place in the field of “Cybernetics”. In total, 161 publications of the author are represented in the eLibrary scientific library, and have been cited 5,387 times.

“Citation in research is recognition that the work of a researcher is in demand. It is extremely important for author. This is how research works: we work for other people, everyone builds his own. By citing some particular authors, the researcher can generate further citations and at a higher level,” said Tatyana Gavrilova. - “I want to give the following advice to young authors: write simply, and write when you have something to say. There are too many pseudo-publications now that no one needs.”


The Professor’s most quoted works have been books and textbooks on knowledge engineering. This is a young interdisciplinary field of information science, which was born as a section of research on artificial intelligence, and subsequently became useful in the field of knowledge management. The first book by Tatyana Gavrilova, “The Extraction and structuring of knowledge” (360 citations) was based on her doctoral dissertation.

The textbook “The Knowledge Base of Intelligent Systems”, authored by Tatyana Gavrilova and Doctor of Technical Sciences Vladimir Khoroshevsky, became the most cited scientific publication of the University in June 2019. According to on June 4, 2020, this textbook on the design and the programming of artificial intelligence systems (AI) was quoted 2193 times. The book is intended for students studying issues of artificial intelligence, developers of intelligent systems and all interested in engineering knowledge.

“For the textbook “Knowledge Base of Intelligent Systems”, co-authored with Vladimir Khoroshevsky, I had to develop many new models and methods. And, of course, it is pleasant when colleagues quote or state at a conference that they are giving a course of lectures based on our textbook,” said Tatyana Gavrilova.