11 Jun 2020

How GSOM help young professionals build a career and prepare for an interview

The Career Center of the Graduate School of Management at St. Petersburg University (GSOM) has launched the series of webinars to help students find work or internships. Students were told how to write a resume and a cover letter, go through an interview and maintain an emotional balance.


“The topics of webinars consistently reflected the applicant’s logic when looking for a job: from writing a resume and preparing for an interview to developing emotional stability, which is important on the difficult path to your first job or internship,” said Elizaveta Troyanova, Director of the Career Center of GSOM.


Nadezhda V. Krylova, Manager of the Career Center, said that even such a seemingly simple stage as writing a resume involves many nuances, especially when work experience is limited to 2-3 months of internship, or it is not at all yet. Therefore, the webinar of Nadezhda Viktorovna "Resume for a novice specialist" was attended by more than 50 people.


A resume of a student or recent alumnus should include: 

  • Photo in business style. Employers in Russia prefer resumes with photos.
  • Contact information. School mail, for example baby2000@pochta.ru, is not appropriate in the resume of a novice specialist.
  • Education. It is important for the student to indicate not only the name of the university, but also the profile. Also student can specify several relevant disciplinary positions, additional offline and online courses.
  • Experience. This block should include all training internships, practices and projects, including volunteer ones. Student can add information about non-core work experience. It will not spoil the resume of a novice specialist. In the description of activities, it is recommended to use verbs instead of a noun (I organized, optimized, etc.), as well as specific numbers and results.
  • Personal qualities. At this point, the main thing to move away from the cliche. Student can talk about personal qualities with examples from life that positively characterize a specialist from the point of view of the employer.


Maria V. Dorokhina, Director of the Coaching Center at GSOM, conducted a webinar on emotional stability and noted that the attention of GSOM to the career path support through the student’s personal awareness and responsibility provides a great perspective for the development of modern leaders. “It was important for me to hold such a webinar, I also often emotionally concentrate on a certain situation and it is very difficult to switch attention to something else. But understanding that life, including professional life, is a process, and that the skill of rethinking failures and developing resistance to defeats gives support for further developmen is very useful, ” said Maria Dorokhina.


In addition to School representatives, webinars were held by Alena Zhuravleva, Certified Career Consultant, Yandex IT Recruiter, and Ksenia Levina, Certified Career Consultant GCDF (Global Career Development Facilitator), an alumna of Erickson Professional Coach, author of DOresume project, Member of the Steering Committee Association of Career Counseling and Support.