22 Jun 2020

GSOM students launch STARTUP HUB accelerator

Students at the Graduate School of Management at St. Petersburg State University (GSOM SPbSU) are launching the STARTUP HUB accelerator to work with experts to support startups in creating products and launching them on the market.

Accelerator is a program for the intensive development of startups through mentoring, training, expert support and assistance in finding investors in exchange for a share in the company. The average duration of the programs will be 2-4 months, but it is planned that experts will continue to oversee projects for 3-5 years after their launchings.


“GSOM is pleased to support this student initiative. The accelerator format is the best way to quickly develop a business idea to a working product. We have many students who come up with and start their own business while studying. Our study of entrepreneurial activity of students showed that 7% of students of Russian universities are active entrepreneurs, and 30% plan to start their business in the future 1-2 years. Therefore, we believe in the potential of the idea and agreed to become a partner in the project” — said Anastasia Laskovaya, Assistant at the Department of Strategic and International Management at GSOM SPbU, Researcher at the Center for Entrepreneurship, Co-author of the Global University Entrepreneurial Spirit Students' Survey (GUESSS), a Startup Tracker in the <5G_DREAM_LAB> laboratory. 


STARTUP HUB is ready to accept from 10 to 25 startup teams, numbering 3-6 people.  IUis planned to implement two programs: Pre-Accelerator — for teams that have an idea and concept for its development; and Acceleration — for teams with a ready-made prototype and first sales. Applicants for participation in the programs will be selected by an expert commission, which will include representatives of the business environment and GSOM SPbU. A detailed selection plan is available on the accelerator website. 


“SPbU has many unique developments and patents, but they are not always commercialized. I decided to combine the expertise of the best business school in Russia with the development of scientists and successful commercial ideas to create a unique place where together they can change the world. I thank my beloved GSOM for supporting this initiative, especially our director Olga K. Dergunova, for the fact that our idea can come true, ”said Ekaterina Baranova, a first-year student at MiM, the author of the idea of organizing startup accelerators.


Representatives of industrial companies and marketers, founders and owners of successful startups will become speakers and mentors of programs. The accelerator DemoDay, which will be held at the end of the year, will be the final event. Participating teams will present their projects to potential investors and partner companies.