26 Aug 2020

Welcome words of Konstantin Krotov, Head of School, GSOM SPbU


Dear freshmen!

This year has changed a lot in our lives, set us challenging tasks and made us look for non-standard solutions in conditions of uncertainty. It was not easy, but at the same time it was incredibly interesting. After all, all of us come to the university in order to create new knowledge and share it.

In the spring, we successfully transferred all academic disciplines to the online format,GSOM guests gave online lectures, and students had online internships in large Russian corporations.

In the new academic year, we will continue to use these proven education formats.

At the beginning of September, program managers and key employees will talk in detail about how the 2020/21 academic year will be structured, and will answer all your questions.

And now I invite you to the first Online GSOM Freshman Day in the history of our business school, which will be held on September 1 at gsom.spbu.ru. You will get acquainted with the rules of life in the family of GSOM SPbU and we will discuss plans for the next semester.

Konstantin Krotov

Head of School, GSOM SPbU


You can join the event:

Bachelor programs students on 09/01/2020 at 12.00 p.m.

Master programs students on 09/01/2020 at 14.00 p.m.